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March 7, 2000



Proposition 27 — Congressional Term Limit Declarations
Initiative Statute


This proposition permits congressional candidates to voluntarily sign a non-binding declaration that if elected they either will or will not limit their service to no more than three terms in the House of Representatives or two terms in the United States Senate. This information would appear on ballots and other state-sponsored voter educational materials if requested by the candidate, but candidates would not be required to submit a declaration. Any such declaration by a winning candidate would also apply to future elections for the same office.


Federal law does not limit the number of terms a person may be elected to serve in Congress, and the courts have ruled that the qualifications for office, including term limits, can only be changed by an amendment to the United States Constitution. Two previous propositions dealing with term limits, Proposition 164, passed in California in 1992, and Proposition 225, passed in 1998, have been invalidated by the courts. Proponents believe that this measure, because it is voluntary and would have no legal effect on actual terms served, will be accepted by the courts.


Signing the ballot argument for:
Signing the ballot argument against:
George E. Martinez
Community Activist

Sally Reed Impastato
California Term Limits Committee

Lewis K. Uhler, President
National Tax Limitation Committee

Mark Whisler, President
Sacramento City Taxpayers' Rights League



No On 27, Sacramento City Taxpayers' Rights League, 916-447-6340, www.NoTermLimits.com

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