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January 13, 2006

Now's the time! Add your voice to the demands for Clean Money!

On Tuesday, January 10, the Assembly Elections Committee voted 4-3 to pass AB 583, the Clean Money bill, to the Appropriations Committee. The Appropriations Committee vote may come as early as Wednesday, January 18! If the bill passes, it will go to an Assembly floor vote the following week. In order for AB 583 to remain viable, it must pass out of the Assembly to the Senate by the end of this month.

Legislative support, as measured by the number of coauthors of the bill, continues to grow. There are now 28 coauthors.

ACTION NEEDED: Please contact Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez and your Assembly Member to ask them to support AB 583, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act. They need to hear that people across California want them to change the way elections are financed in California by passing this sweeping reform. If your representative serves on the Assembly Appropriations Committee (see list below), it is especially important for you to write and/or call before the vote on January 18.

Read our earlier Call to Action on AB 583, including "points to make" for your letter or call. But remember that it can be as easy as saying "I'm calling to ask that Speaker Nuñez strongly support AB 583, the Clean Money bill." It just takes a minute!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Donna Chipps, Campaign Financing Off-board Program Director, cf@lwvc.org

KEEP US INFORMED: Send an e-mail to advocacy@lwvc.org to let us know what action you have taken and any responses you receive. Thank you for your support of this important legislation!

CONTACT INFORMATION: Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html for contact information, or see below for the Speaker and members of the Appropriations Committee. Note: Fax numbers for Sacramento offices are the same as the phone numbers except that the fifth digit is a "1" instead of "0." For example, Vice Chair Sharon Runner's phone number is (916) 319-2036 and her Fax is (916) 319-2136.

Speaker Fabian Nuñez
(916) 319-2046 or (213) 620-4646, Fax: (916) 319-2146 speaker.nunez@assembly.ca.gov

Judy Chu, Chair, Appropriations Committee
(916) 319-2049 or (323) 981-3426, Fax: (916) 319-2149 assemblymember.chu@asm.ca.gov

Sharon Runner, Vice Chair (916) 319-2036 sharon.runner@asm.ca.gov

Karen Bass (916) 319-2047 assemblymember.bass@assembly.ca.gov

Patty Berg (916) 319-2001 assemblymember.berg@assembly.ca.gov

Ronald S. Calderon (916) 319-2058 assemblymember.calderon@assembly.ca.gov

Hector De La Torre (916) 319-2050 assemblymember.delatorre@assembly.ca.gov

Bill Emmerson (916) 319-2063 assemblymember.emmerson@assembly.ca.gov

Ray Haynes (916) 319-2066 assemblymember.haynes@assembly.ca.gov

Betty Karnette (916) 319-2054 assemblymember.karnette@assembly.ca.gov

Johan Klehs (916) 319-2018 assemblymember.klehs@assembly.ca.gov

Mark Leno (916) 319-2013 assemblymember.leno@assembly.ca.gov

Alan Nakanishi (916) 319-2010 assemblymember.nakanishi@assembly.ca.gov

Joe Nation (916) 319-2006 assemblymember.nation@assembly.ca.gov

Jenny Oropeza (916) 319-2055 assemblymember.oropeza@assembly.ca.gov

Mark Ridley-Thomas (916) 319-2048 assemblymember.ridley-thomas@assembly.ca.gov

Lori Saldaña (916) 319-2076 assemblymember.saldana@assembly.ca.gov

Mimi Walters 916) 319-2073 assemblymember.walters@assembly.ca.gov

Leland Yee (916) 319-2012 assemblymember.yee@assembly.ca.gov



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