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SB 840 (Kuehl), California Health Insurance Reliability Act
Universal Health Insurance and Comprehensive Coverage

September 3, 2006


SB 840 (Kuehl), the California Health Insurance Reliability Act, has passed both houses of the Legislature and awaits action by the Governor. It is the affordable and viable solution for solving our health care crisis and providing comprehensive health care to all California residents. Your immediate action is needed to urge a reluctant Governor Schwarzenegger to sign this landmark bill.

The Governor must sign or veto all bills from this legislative session by September 30. Since we do not know how soon he will act, quick action is important.


Local League and ILO Presidents: First, please e-mail this alert to your members immediately with a request for immediate action. Then, send a message to Governor Schwarzenegger on behalf of your local League.

All League Members and Friends: Contact the Governor as an individual, thus showing widespread evidence of support by constituents around the state. Also, forward this message to as many of your personal e-mail contacts as possible.

Contacting the Governor: You have several options.

  • The LWVC has endorsed the OneCareNow campaign sponsored by Health Care for All-California. Go to www.onecarenow.org to edit a sample message and send it to the Governor.
  • Call (916) 445-2841 and follow the automated instructions to register your support for SB 840.
  • Write a short letter and fax it to (916) 445-4633, or mail it to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814.
  • Send an e-mail to governor@governor.ca.gov or go to www.govmail.ca.gov to use the online form.

(Note that we have heard that the Governor's office is less responsive to e-mails than to other messages.)

If you have trouble getting through by fax or phone, find contact information at one of the Governor's other five offices around the state.

Background information on SB 840: Single payer insurance: a viable solution to the health care crisis

League Position: The LWVUS Health Care position promotes a health care system for the United States that provides access to a basic level of quality care for all U.S. residents and controls health care costs.

For More Information: Contact the LWVC off-board Health Care Program Director Barbara Storey at bs_lwv004@cox.net.

Keep Us Informed: Please send a copy of your letters of support and any responses to Trudy Schafer, LWVC Program Director/Advocate to:

801 12th Street, Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95814

916-442-7215, FAX 916-442-7362

E-mail: lwvc@lwvc.org


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